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Hello 'Yal

I need to get help... My Disco 3 has been up and down with LR Umhlanga for 3 weeks now. My problem is the SatNav is fixed on an Easterly heading, meaning, no matter which way you turn the pointer always points East. Even when changing the display, the North Pointer is to the left again, vehicle pointer pointing up, but turn and change direction and nothing changes, the map does not even turn.

As far as a fixed azimith position is concerned, the GPS unit has the correct position and moves in the correct direction, the problem is that the vehicle always assumes it is heading EAST and lines the pointer up as such>

They have replaced the rear light / GPS receiver and tested the box under the Pax front seat, but nothing has changed. We have done software reloads as well and nothing has changed.

They are now scratching heads and at a loss for words.

Can anyone else suggest something short of finding some other dealership and starting all over again.


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Hi Adrian.

I must apologize. I normally monitor the technical forums and have been away from the Internet for a week - I've updated the process so that this does not re-occur. I have made contact with Brian Rees (Service Manager @ Land Rover Umhlanga) for a status update. I believe that the navigation module under the passenger seat of your vehicle was replaced today, which temporarily resolved the problem. However, I believe that the issue is now back.

My suggestion is that you keep the vehicle exactly where it is. Brian is giving your vehicle personal attention. Brian is one of the best diagnostic people that I have come across. Brian is also able to escalate the issue to both RSA and UK technical support should he run out of ideas. However, with a problem like this you have to work through it in a logical sequence and sometimes you replace a component which appears to fix the problem only for it to re-occur a while later as there is actually another component or wiring problem that is causing the issue.

I do sympathize with your frustration level. Should you not be satisfied with the service then you are welcome to send an e-mail to me ( which I will escalate or alternatively you can contact the Land Rover call centre on 012-450-4000.

I will be checking in with Brian on a regular basis to monitor progress.


Andrew Brown - Lead Instructor (Land Rover Experience - Gerotek/Inchanga)
Hello Andrew

Thanks for the feedback.

I am become ever more frustrated with this whole thing. I know Brian is trying his best, but it is just over a month now, and I cannot spend all this time waiting at a dealership all day trying to trouble shoot. I appreciate Brian also giving me his motorcar to use and keeping mine in the dealership, but that does not work either. For one, I bought the motorcar to travel with, and I mean far every week to differing parts all over KZN. I have also had to can a holiday trip down the South Coast beause I spent 2 days at the dealership waiting for answers.

The problem is also intermittent. This afternoon it stopped working. This evening on the way to the airport it was fine again. Now, not working again...So where to from here because as odds have it, my drive to the Dealership tomorrow means it works.

Thanks for all the efforts though...


Hi Rob

Your SAT NAV issue has been escalated to JLRSA and is receiving high visibility.


Andrew Brown - Lead Instructor (Land Rover Experience Gerotek/Inchanga)
Hello Andrew

Thanks, I appreciate all the efforts... Here is some feedback>

Brian Reese has replaced the box, and it seems to work now ie I am not heading EAST anymore. But I have another problem now.

> It is not giving me turn by turn instructions now. It will calculate the route, and display it. The voice prompt states it will start once I joined the high lighted route, but then nothing further. When you arrive at the destination it tells you you have arrived. Tracking and heading seems fine though.

I am sure it is just a setting...Brian will have the Disco for the day tomorrow and I am sure he will manage to sort it all out.

Thanks Again

Robert van Wyk
Only a pleasure Rob. Let me know if you require any further assistance. I'm also pretty sure it's only a setting.


Hello Andrew

So here is the latest. Not only is my Disco back to square one, meaning GPS is still not working, it is back to only going EAST.
It spent the whole of yesterday at the dealership again, and has come back worse off, heading one way only, rattle under the seat, and panels loose??????

What is going on?

I know Brian is trying, but I am starting to wonder if this is maybe not a little more serious than I think. Maybe the ABS or yaw gyro's feeding both stability control and SatNav are not working.

I hope you have some answers for me, no one else has!!!

Hi Rob

I'm busy following up.


Hello Andrew...

Well I got the Disco back and all is well. Brian, shame, he has worked hard on this found the fault with the wiring between the feed from the ABS speed sensor and the Nav unit. This info will also include some info for direction update, for example when you drive into a parking lot and loose satellite reception.

I work with GPS units often so I understand what info he is talking about and why the unit was looking for this to make it work properly.

It has been about 4 days since I got my car back and so far all is well...

As for LandRover Umhlanga, I think Brian is going to turn that place around, and hopefully expell all those previous rumours and network chirps about Umhlanga.

Well done guys, and thanks again.


Hi Rob

As I said - wiring issue. I'm so pleased that you persevered and all now appears to be sorted.



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